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Luo Fei released all his spiritual power, allowing the Fire Poison to rage on uncontrollably. What did he have to be concerned with? What did he have to be scared of? Maybe this was for the better. He could finally let go and put everything on the line.


Snow Li’s ice-cold face still did not show any emotions. She herself was also very helpless. Perhaps she only had one chance, and that was when Light Wheel King entered his ultimate offensive firing range, to fight with the other party with all her might and gamble on the fatal Frozen Arrow.


It was at times like these that Wang Zheng was more agile. The wheels in his head would turn faster, especially during life and death situations. The thought that this would be his downfall never crossed his mind.


Bartley resumed normal breathing after suffering from the recent antiphasic strike. The Geminis’ ability to withstand any strike was the strongest in the Milkyway Alliance.


Even Lin Feng and the rest were stunned. To date, more than half had undergone the test in the first wave, and others were still beginning to undergo it. Wang Zheng comfortably held the bottom.


Round three, the Saruman Snake battle team entered first. It was everyone’s guess as to what other cards they had in their hands. Regardless of who came on, Wang Zheng or Achilles, there was definitely a chance for victory.

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The sky was cleared after the rain, and a rainbow actually appeared, shining on the broken Hercules. It was an unforgettable sight for everyone who had witnessed the scene.


Prior to this, he had always believed that Aragorn was the strongest. In actual fact, this refined and cultured Lin Feng was the number one master in SIG.


The one to stick out their neck first should not be one of them. Even if they defeated Wang Zheng and eliminated Saruman Snake, would that help Aslan’s reputation one bit?


A change took place in the battlefield before he could finish his thoughts. Wang Zheng’s spiritual power was almost completely overpowered by the full force of this powerful spiritual power. If completely overpowered, Wang Zheng’s brain would be blown to pieces. This sort of suppression was not something that the brain could endure.


Mu Sen was here too. However, Mu Sen was at the VIP seats, seated with a group of politicians of the Milky Way Alliance. Mu Sen would not isolate mankind. On the contrary, he wanted to actively integrate and make contact. Of course, this was not the kind of environment that Rara Durai would enter. The differences between giants and sages were very obvious.


This Wang Zheng was doing the same thing. This was a very similar aspect that both of them shared. But this commonality was, at the same time, the greatest irony.


With a light streaming teleportation, the Sun God Battle Crystal suddenly came to the energy wall. This was the pride of the arena’s super energy defence. It could withstand Zeus’ shield-level lasers bomb attacks, and hence was more than capable of blocking the attacks of the mecha.



The Mist Killers proficient in physical techniques were faced by Yuan Jing and Mengha. These Mist Killers were the real threat. If you attacked these high ranking Mist Killers mindlessly, you would be seeking death.



Yan Xiaosu was very grateful, and this was not just about his dignity. In the past, both sides had worked closely and built profitable foundations, and they had remembered their time together.


The energy shield shook. He was hit. He did not manage to dodge after all. Zhang Shan continue to dodge using his power. Teleportation couldnt be used mindlessly. Every usage was to save his life. However, the crucial matter was that he was here to win, not to lose!


“Basically none. If even the two of us are in such a state, the rest must be worse off. Without his ability, Zhang Shan has no way to hide. Mu Zhen’s size is not easy to conceal, and Vincent…” Achilles could not finish his sentence. His physical technique was not as good as theirs.

  • Seeing the professional smile of the Governor’s aide, and the armed security waiting beside the doors, it seemed like meeting the governor would be impossible. They could only follow protocol and connect with Newcastle’s Department of Commerce.
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